Two Years

Came across some photos from two years ago and was kind of shocked at what a big difference between now and then so I took a pic in the same pose.

Two years ago this week I had just started chemo.  I had gotten out of the hospital after having severe brain seizures (yep, 7 days with no sleep), I was learning how to walk again and could barely make it halfway down the block and – as evidenced by the photos – I looked and felt like shit.


Photo on 8-22-12 at 10.12 PM #2Two years ago with fat chemo hands, bad nails, swollen chemo/steroid face and short hair from it all falling out.  Boo!

IMG_20140703_140507 Today – hair is back, nails are good, face isn’t totally fat… WOOT!

IMG_20140719_004124Extreme Snelfie (that is a Stephanie selfie)

It makes me feel better looking at that original photo and remembering how bad it was then and knowing that I made it through all of that with my family and friends beside me.   My health isn’t perfect or back to the way it was before (and might not ever be again), but at least it has gotten better and hopefully will continue to get better.

Check back in two years and we’ll see!