My Book Live NAS failure


I’m so terribly, terribly disappointed and frustrated today by the fact that my Western Digital My Book Live NAS has decided to take a crap.  Now it hasn’t take the biggest crap that a hard drive can take which is to be unrecoverable and files are all lost.  But it has taken a crap in the fact that the firmware update has hosed it to always be swapping which will eventually make it die.  Plus I can’t access the drive with the web interface because of this firmware kerfuffle which makes it impossible for me to fix because – I stupidly – did not have the SSH set to be accessible.  Well, technically I didn’t know there was an SSH option until I started to try to troubleshoot the issue.

The worst part of this entire debacle is that when I went to Amazon to check out when I purchased this piece of crap I looked at the reviews and was basically horrified to discover that I am merely one of countless people who have been screwed by this dumb drive.  It actually has more 1 star reviews than 5 star which is a rarity indeed.


After spending a few hours looking up possible fixes I decided to check my warranty.  Turns out that it is 3 years and I still have time left on it.  So I decided to RMA this garbage drive.  Wow.  Western Digital might possibly have one of the worst websites on the planet.  It took me another good 30 minutes to fill out an RMA form.

The next step is trying to get all of my data off of the drive.  I can still see the drive on my network, but due to the fact that it is apparently swapping continuously the connection and transfer rate sucks.  I am attempting to move 1TB to my backup drive because it wasn’t quite in sync.  Sadly the backup drive is only mounted to the Mac Mini via USB so that contributes to the shit transfer speed.  UGH.

I guess the moral of this story is… whatever you do… DO NOT BUY A WD MY BOOK LIVE.

Now I’m looking into synology or Drobo NAS.  They are on the more expensive side of storage, but they seem a bit more reliable than this Fisher Price of NAS that I spent my day with.