The Price of Health?

Photo on 5-2-13 at 4.16 PM

I have been getting all great results back from my bloodwork that I have been doing.  Yay!  I guess that means that my body is healthy again.  I have been feeling a million times better apart from the fact that my walking is painful and slow.  I’m still tired and need to nap every day, but such is life.

The one huge complaint that I have about my newfound happy health?

I am fat.

Yep.  All these drugs have finally taken a toll on my body by giving me the wonderful gift of fat.  Ugh.  20 extra pounds to lug around and clothes that don’t fit anymore.

I have never weighed this much and it is making me crazy.  I can’t stand to look in the mirror.  I am fixated on it and it is bumming me out. I know that it has to do with the fact that I am on some pretty powerful drugs that count weight gain as one of their biggest side effects, but I still blame myself.  Did I need to eat all those extra cookies?!?

Sigh.  I suppose this is the price I have to pay for health.  Deep breath and let my pants out.  BLAH.