Why The “Fake Geek Girl” Meme Needs To Live

I just read this on article on Buzzfeed about “Why the Fake Geek Girl Meme Needs to Die”.  I didn’t even know that a “fake geek girl” meme even existed, so that is news to me.  I guess I’m not even geek enough to know about things that happen on the internets these days.  Or wait, maybe I don’t actually care!  Doh!

It is kind of touching to me that girls are even faking being geeky.  I have paved the way for a million girls.  Who knew that back in 1997 I was doing something that was trendsetting?!?  Back then I was a social outcast who was taken in by the other dorks of Silicon Valley.  Now it is rockstar to be a nerd.  Back then, it was just geeks being geeks.

So, go forth and nerd on.  Even if you are faking it.

Why The “Fake Geek Girl” Meme Needs To Die.