Operation No Microwave

microwave no more

I have been wanting to get rid of this blasted microwave for some time, but it has been lingering around my house. The only reason that I had it in the first place was because Mark had to get rid of his during his kitchen remodel and I figured that it might be useful or something. Even then I hesitated to take it. Then I got sick and my mom really likes the microwave to heat up her coffee so she wouldn’t let me get rid of it. I have finally taken a stand. It is going. It is going downstairs into the storage unit until I decide to sell it. Bye bye microwave.

I’m wondering if it is weird that I am opposed to the microwave.  I have read that over 90% of American households have one.  I really see no need for it.  I have the stovetop and oven to heat things.  Would love to hear your thoughts on if you think a microwave is a necessity or just silly…