S.F. barely passes public-nudity ban

We all know that I am somewhat obsessed by the ‘naked guys’ of the Castro.  Yesterday the vote went to the board and it barely passed.  6-5.

Of course, Gypsy Taub showed up and disrobed.  Nothing shocking there.  The only thing that I find annoying about her is the fact that she doesn’t even live in San Francisco.  She lives in the East Bay.  If she lived in the Castro and had giant balls swinging in front of her 3 children during the school day, I wonder if she might think differently.  Doubtful, as nudity seems to be her full-time job.

Alas, it passed and as much as I did enjoy the occasional naked guy in the Castro the last few years have become overrun with a gaggle (would that be the right word?) of cock and balls strolling around.  One thing that I will miss, however, is when a naked guy would wear a sweatshirt but be naked from waist down.  This is one thing that I could never fully comprehend.

The ban basically prohibits genitalia and “spreading”.  It does not cover butt (cracks or chap wearing) or breasts.

English: Nudewoody, nudist activist, often str...
Nudewoody, nudist activist, often strolls the streets of San Francisco naked. NOT ANYMORE!

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