Healthy Health Update

2012 08 22 20 52 05

It is September and the weather in San Francisco is beautiful, if not a little chilly.  I have been slowly getting back to work and finally last week spent an entire 40 hours on the computer.  Yes, not all of it was spent productively working away, but at least my stamina is coming back.

Tomorrow (Monday) is another round of chemo.  It should be the last round if all the blood work comes back healthy, so fingers are crossed.

On the transverse myelitis front I am having a good amount of pain that radiates from my lower spine and downwards.  I attribute this to nerve sensation coming back, so I believe that this is a good thing.  Previously my butt was basically numb.  There are some other complete downers to the nerves coming back apart from the pain, but I will spare folks those details.  Let’s just say that spinal cord injuries are a total bitch.  I should basically be looking at up to a few years of nerve healing to make it from my spine down to the tips of my toes.  It is said that nerves heal about 1mm a day, so nerves from lower spine to toe is about 500mm.

On the brain seizure front things seem to be good. No new seizures. I have adjusted well to the dilantin medication.  I am no longer as fatigued as I was when I first started taking it.

One issue that I am currently having is with some beta blocker medication that was prescribed to me for tachycardia (rapid heart rate).  It is making my Raynaud’s Syndrome (cold ass hands and feet) much much worse. It is also making me feel a bit dizzy.  I guess a visit to the cardiologist is in order.  Yay.  Add another doc to my list.

All in all I am feeling pretty darned good.  My brain is finally functioning well again.  My spirits definitely continue to be up.  I have been spending a lot of time with family and friends and I really really believe that it has been speeding the healing process along.  I am trying my best to have a good laugh every day (and a good cry).

That is all for now.  I’ll check in post chemo Monday!