Me fighting!

Today was the second trip for chemo.  Once again, the trip was pretty easy.  The typical day goes something like this.

  • Arrive at appointment (mine at always scheduled for Mondays at 1:00pm)
  • Check in at front desk
  • Get vitals done (height, weight, blood pressure, etc.)
  • Wait for a bed or chair to open up, then your nurse of the day comes to get you
  • Get set up and they run through everything you are going to do for the day
  • Get IV put in
  • Sit for however long it takes for all the treatments

It is pretty amazing how many people are in there.  You can tell the seasoned veterans who are on regular chemo treatments nearly every day.  Everyone is really nice and caring.  The nurses are all very sweet and have conversations with everyone.  They remember every detail that you told them last time and genuinely care about their patients.  Very heartwarming.

You would think that going to the infusion center might be depressing.  Honestly,  for me, it is the opposite of that.  From my perspective, I see people who are fighting the battle for their lives and winning (at least from a positivity point of view).  It makes you realize that we as humans, despite all the bad in the world that we have created, are also amazing and resilient creatures.

Fight on!