Cytoxan treatment, not supposed to be that bad, and an update

Cytoxan treatment, not supposed to be that bad, and an update

Doing a lot of research on my upcoming Cytoxan treament. Cytoxan is basically a drug that they use for chemotherapy. It is a long established drug and the side effects seem to be pretty mild. Since they are not treating me for cancer, rather lupus, I am not on a super high dose – only a medium sized one which should also help my side effects. From what I can gather from message boards and other things, people mainly experience nausea and tiredness the day off. The fatigue as treatment continues can get worse, but it is nothing like you imagine or see in the movies.

I am obviously feeling a bit of anxiety, but that is more to get it done and over with. I am having 3 treatments – probably starting this week with the first one – over the course of 3 months. Then the doctors will decide if they extend that.

Saw the Neurologist today. He was pleased with my recovery and we are all hoping that this Cytoxan will help a lot. I had to have a blood draw and then we are pushing up the MRI so that we can get a good baseline before starting the treatment. If the MRI shows normal, then we will do a lumbar puncture. Thankfully they do the lumbar puncture in the MS clinic at UCSF with a nurse that only does LPs so it should be fairly non-traumatic. Last time in the hospital I don’t even remember because they gave me ativan before because I was freaked out. I am still freaked out and will probably do the same thing. I have the same thing with the MRIs. Claustrophobia galore.

All in all I am doing very well. Started working slowly again last week. Very grateful to my supportive work folks for their understanding and happy to have something other than this stuff to occupy my brain for a change. I’m really excited about the project and really excited about the people that I am working with whom I have known for years and the new folks I will meet.

My mom is still here helping. Or getting annoyed with me. 🙂 Hopefully I am not too much strain on her and her business. She is great and the time we spend together is something we wouldn’t have had if this stuff hadn’t happened, so I am enjoying it and her company a lot.

Onward and upwards, folks. Life is good.