Health update

By July 16, 2012Health

No real updates to report from here. Getting better at walking every day. Had a few little setbacks, but other than that all is good. I’m actually bored now and wanting to start working. Going to start external physical therapy hopefully this week. Neurology appointment set in a week so we can figure out what course of action to take with the meds. Still trying to get a Urology appointment. I guess that is about it. My mom is still here. I think I will be good in a week or so to be home alone and start to resume life. My parents are thinking of moving into the building so that will be perfect having them around to help out. I might take the downstairs apartment with 2 bedrooms, so friends are welcome! They will take my apartment. Not sure how that will work out with the 3 cats and dog…

Anyways. Life is good and getting better by the day.

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