Health update – 3

Went to the Urologist today. This involved 2 grown women and me in a bathroom trying to teach me to self catheterize. This is not only uncomfortable, but embarrassing. Using my iphone flashlight and mirror with someone yelling at you to hold your labia wide and open. And the catheter keeps slipping into the wrong hole. Very frustrating. I’m sorry for all the info, but it is reality. Who knew that a urethra would be so hard to find?

I gave up and went to lunch at Kevin’s Vietnamese and had a nice bun and coconut boba.

Then back for another try. This time we succeeded. Mostly thanks to the tampon I had to use to close off the vajayjay. TMI again.

Anyways, following that I had to head downstairs for a blood draw. And we were done.

I even managed to drive the car back to the house by myself! Win!