I know that I shouldn’t be lusting after food while I am in the midst of a juice cleanse, but I couldn’t help myself.  I am totally obsessed with these tasty little pastries.  Every time I see one at Whole Foods, I end up buying on and devouring it.  I don’t even usually eat many sweets or wheat products, but for some reason these little devils have captured my stomach.

They are called kouign-amann.  I think they are some trending pastry that has come into popularity recently because I saw them featured in a magazine.

From Wikipedia:

Kouign-amann (pronounced [,kwiɲaˈmɑ̃nː] (kween a-mon), Breton pl. kouignoù-amann) is a Bretoncake. It is a round crusty cake, made with a dough akin to bread dough with sugar sprinkled between layers. The resulting cake is slowly baked until the butter puffs up the dough (resulting in the layered aspect of it) and the sugar caramelizes. The name derives from theBreton words for cake (“kouign”) and butter (“amann”). Kouign-amann is a speciality of the town Douarnenez in Finistère, in the west of France, where it originated in around 1860.

All I know is that they are flakey and golden and sweet and delicious.  Yum.  Too bad I can’t have one right now!