I know that I shouldn’t be lusting after food while I am in the midst of a juice cleanse, but I couldn’t help myself.  I am totally obsessed with these tasty little pastries.  Every time I see one at Whole Foods, I end up buying on and devouring it.  I don’t even usually eat many […]

Awake trailer

Awake trailer

This looks like an interesting show from NBC.  The guy who is living with two realities. Series premier is March 1. http://www.nbc.com/awake/

Bacon Milkshakes at Jack in the Box

  Jack In The box Selling Bacon Milkshakes | Bossip. I have to say that I am generally sick of the entire bacon craze.  Yes, we got it, you like bacon.  Everyone likes bacon.  It is fat, fried and salty.  It is the American diet all wrapped up into one. And now there is a […]