What is in Nerdgirl’s bag?

I usually travel with a lot of stuff.  I have a fear of not having the right technology at the right time, so I jam pretty much anything one could need into my bag.  If you ever need a spare charger or some way to transfer files, I am your (wo)man.

So what exactly do I have in my bag?

Apart from the MacBook Air and small power adapter there are numerous gadgets.

  • Macbook air adapter – this is good for transatlantic Virgin flights that have the weird airline adapters still.  You can also use it for the car AC adapter.
  • Bose Quietcomfort 3 headphones & charger with extra battery – a must have
  • Logitech in ear headphones – for when the Bose run out of power
  • New Trent battery pack – great for charging the phone or other USB devices so you don’t have to fight with people for plugs at the airport
  • USB charger
  • 16 GIG USB thumb drive
  • 500 GIG WD harddrive that has a bunch of movies and TV shows on it
  • USB handwarmer – why not?!?
  • 2 micro USB cables
  • 1 mini USB cable
  • 1 Square reader
  • 2 SIM cards – one for UK and one for Slovenia
  • Dramamine – Just in case…
  • 1 cute pink bag to jam it all into – $1 at Japanese store

Surprisingly all of these things fit into the bag, so it isn’t that much hassle to carry around.  And I am ready to go.  Geektastic.