Hydration vessle = fancy for water bottle

No one needs to tell you that drinking lots of water is good for you, right?  But it is sometimes difficult to remember to keep hydrated.  I think that there were points in my life where I could go all day and not drink any water.  It seemed like such a hassle.  But all of that has changed now.  If you know me, you know that my little water bottle is never far from my side.

And after countless different bottles, I have found the perfect one.  The intak by Thermos.  What a great little bottle!

It is the right size – 24oz – and kind of skinny so it fits in your bag.  It is BPA free and quite strong.  It comes in great colors.  The thing I like the most if the lid.  It has a button that you press to open it and it has a nice rubber sealing inside so it doesn’t leak on anything.  Plus there is a clip so you can make the lid super secure.  There is a “hydration meter” which is pretty stupid as a feature.  You can mark out how many refills you have had in a day.

I take this thing everywhere.  Once you start to carry a bottle around, or as some call it “my sippy cup”, you will rejoice over the fact that. um. water is free.  Yeah.  Who knew?  You can go into any coffee shop and ask for a refill.  Free.  Duh, right?