airbnb bugs and other oddities

Don’t get me wrong, I love airbnb. But there are some weird things going on lately and it was too hard to tweet it, so I am filing a blog bug report.

Issue 1: Complete your listing, it isn’t visible to others

First of all, my listing is complete and active. I get bookings all the time. So then why is it telling me that it isn’t complete or visible? You can also see very clearly from the checklist that it is complete.

Issue 2: Calendar and reservation dates are not consistent

I see what a designer was trying to do here by making the calendar cute without overlapping dates, but this has led to some issues and confusion when I’m trying to figure out who is checking out and when. You will notice that when you view the reservation list without the calendar you get the actual checkout date, but when you look at the calendar it shows the day before. A better way to do it would be to show when there are people checking out / in on the same day so you know when there are the slight overlaps. Right now it looks like they leave the day before which is incorrect and confusing. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a cute layout to do things correctly. 🙁