Cherry – the car wash that comes to you – try it for free!

I love any service that makes my life easier. I also love any service where I have as little human interaction as possible. Hence, my overwhelming love of the Interwebs.

This morning I noticed that there was a business card on the window of the car. It was for a company called Cherry and it was offering me a free carwash. It was simple enough. Cherry – the carwash that comes to you. Well, the car was pretty dirty so I thought they had very good targeting, but then I realized that everyone on the block had the same card.

Being an early adopter, I immediately went online to see what this was all about. They had a really nice design as well which made me think it would be a service I might like.

Sign up was super easy – logged in with my Facebook. Then I put the address of where my car was parked and my credit card info and voila. I was given an estimate of when Pedro would arrive to wash the car. 30 minutes! You are also informed that if you want the interior washed you should unlock the doors. This seems to be the only glitch in the matrix because I don’t like to leave my car unlocked on the street…but thankfully Cherry sends text messages when the guys arrive so you can go outside and unlock the doors.

The cleaners were super friendly and wore their Cherry shirts. They use these portable low water spray units to clean the cars which is probably a lot more eco-friendly than driving to the car wash and the tons of gallons of water that uses.

Yeah for this service! I don’t know how much the actual wash costs yet since the first one was free, but I will definitely use it again if it is around $40-50 tops. My usual car wash is $23.

Interested in your own free wash? I figure since they were handing out these cards, the Cherry people won’t mind terribly to have some publicity and potential customers. I assume this is only in SF thusfar.

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