Watch streaming video on the iPad or iPhone to your TV

This might be one of my best nerdout’s yet.  Have you ever wanted to watch streaming video from your iPad on your TV?  It is super super simple.  All you need is a cable from scosche, an iPad (iPhone or iPod) and a TV.  Then you are good to go.  I love this little device.  It saves me from having to buy yet another gadget to stream to the TV in the bedroom.

Get the iPad audio video adapter at Amazon for $24.19

Advanced Setup

The more advanced way to go is a great setup if you happen to have movies on your laptop or external harddrive that you want to stream to your TV via your iPad.

Air Video is awesome because it can convert your movie files on the fly so you never have to worry about getting them onto your iPad via iTunes or the format that they are in.  It also saves you from taking up valuable space on your iPad for all those video files.

You’ll need:

  1. On your computer: Air Video Server
  2. On your iPad, iPhone or iPod: Air Video app for $2.99
  3. Some movies in pretty much any format
  4. To be on the same network on your laptop / iPad.  I have even tried this using a tethered network off my phone and it works fine

The next thing you do is enable the server and set up the directory that you want to stream from on your laptop.

Next, go to your iPad and open up the app.  You should magically see your computer and the shared folder.

Then just start streaming!  It works great with watching the iPad on the TV.  You can even choose what aspect ratio you want view on the television and what quality to stream at.  Whoop whoop!