Bitcasa - Dropbox totally in the cloud?

Bitcasa – Dropbox totally in the cloud?

This is one thing that I have been struggling with lately on Dropbox. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Dropbox, but I do not love that my files are all on my machine taking up about 30GIG of space. I do realize that I have the option of selective syncing my folders, but then I have no way to visualize them on my desktop apart from a kludgy online interface. Now if they would only virtualize all my folders so they look like they are on my desktop, but they don’t fully sync to my desktop I would be a happy camper.

The one thing that Dropbox does brilliantly is the familiarity of using local folders. No stupid upload form or ugly file system. Just drag and drop. It doesn’t change people’s typical behavior. Smart smart.

In steps Bitcasa and I’m wondering if this will solve some of my woes? First off, it is unlimited storage for $10 a month. That is a big proposition for a little company to make..and I kind of like it. And everything should be available truly in the cloud. I know that there are a bunch of services that try to do these things, so we’ll see how Bitcasa fares in the cloud storage wars.

In order to be something useful (for me), Bitcasa need to:

  • have awesome interfaces that exist in my existing workflow, ie: I can drag and drop things and access files through my normal file system.
  • be super fast and super reliable – perhaps some happy caching of my most used files would be good
  • be mega secure
  • have easy file sharing and permission management
From the Bitcasa website:

[box type=”info”]Bitcasa provides secure, unlimited storage on any device. Users can view their entire lifetime of photos, listen to their entire music library, store all of their files and important documents – and still have room for the contents of the Library of Congress. The data will always be accessible and shareable from any device. Because Bitcasa uses streaming instead of traditional upload/download, files are available quickly.[/box]

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