Fav Site of the Week: Fab.com


I am so sick of daily deals that I haven’t purchased from any of them in months…with the exception of one.  Fab.com.  OMG.  It is totally fab.  Fab.com would best be described as daily deals for curated designer goods.  They typically have a selection from housewares to clothing of beautiful products.  I have been totally impressed with the wide array of super cool products and have discovered a few gems in the mix.  It is literally like having your gay best friend with you when you are shopping who always picks out the brightest, sleekest shizniz.

Some of my recent acquisitions from Fab.com include a letter opener from slice, a parasol and a t-shirt.  Totally random, but totally cute.

One thing to note is that some of the deals are not quite as fab as they may seem.  An example of this was yesterday they had a great looking bike rack.  I googled the rack and found it on Amazon for the same price but with free shipping on prime.  We ended up buying them from Amazon.  So as with all deal sites, I highly suggest that you research the items you are about to buy to make sure you are really getting a deal.

Hope you all have a fab time shopping! Check out the site here.