nerdgirl’s 2009

What I am thinking about for 2009.

I know that I left that last post on there a little too long.  Sort of like an uncomfortable silence at Christmas dinner when Scott yells “Jesus Christ!” in front of his highly religious 8 year old sister.

So I’ll try to start 2009 out with a fresh start.  Some hope, shall we say?

Let’s begin with places that I’d like to travel in 2009.

I know that we are in the midst of a “credit crunch” – but honestly, if I have to hear those words anymore I might stab myself in the eye with a fork.  So let’s pretend that I can fly first class and sip some champers instead.

Where do I plan on vacationing in 2009?

First off, Thailand.  Not my favourite of holiday destinations due to the overabundance of dirty old men and paid for lady boys, but I have a scuba holiday trip booked there in February to celebrate my 33rd.

Other places I plan to hit up.

Barcelona for my pre-birthday celebration in January.  Haven’t been there since the little “incident” of June 2008 that involved a bit too much drama for Nerdgirl blogging.  It will also be really nice to see our friends at Cinc Sentits who have just earned their first Michelin star!  Yumtastic.

South Africa – I am dying to get my hands on some vino, aiiight?

Peru – I want to eat a guinea pig.  Ok. I lie.  But somewhere is South America would be fantastic for a change.

What other hopes do I have for 2009?

  • A good summer in London
  • The new Amazon Kindle to be released with wifi and a mini-USB for charging
  • Better health
  • The Hammersmith and City line to miraculously be fixed
  • Housing prices in London to continue falling so I can finally buy a decent flat
  • Rent a cat
  • Sir Richard Branson to issue me a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold card and unlimited upgrades

That is all for now.  I wish you all a Happy 2009!!!