celebrating 10 years of nerdgirl

Just dawned on me that I have owned the domain nerdgirl.com for 10 years this year. Yes, it was registered way back in 1998. I am trying to find those earlier versions of the site for pure entertainment value. I was totally web 2.0 from web 1.0 with some dope ass graphics and some mean Javascript tricks. Seriously.

Before nerdgirl, back in 1995, I had co-hosted my site which was named Stephanie’s Spot. That site was even better. I remember it fondly. It had some Photoshopped puffy graphics, embedded midi sound file from the Godfather, animated gif wallpaper and I’m pretty sure that I shamelessly used some blink tags. That was state of the art. (Note, in Word Press, do not actually attempt to use a blink tag, I did in this post and it ended up making half the page blink – which sort of did my head in until I figured out what was going on)

Ah, here is another fine example of my web-spertise. My Netscape page – also called Stephanie’s Spot. With sections called Truth, Cuties, Linx, Ear Candy and Scope. I am telling you. I was on the forefront of a revolution and I didn’t even know it. Look how I had hit upon everything there. Truth = short comments = twitter. Cuties = photos = flickr. Linx = links = delicio.us. Ear Candy = music = Napster. Scope = blogging = Six Apart. If only I would have realised the opportunity at that tender young age… Marc Andressen and I might have run off into the sunset with his bulldogs and given birth to Mark Zuckercorn.

My recommended links back then?

  • Support Mozilla – told you I was an old skool geek
  • You killed Kenny – South Park
  • Spawn – this was in the times that I collected action figures
  • Junglist – music
  • Zeldman