and in more disturbing news…

Checking out the most popular keywords that visitors use to find And. I. Am. Disturbed. By. My. Readers. Here is the top 10 list. 1. cat porn 2. nerd girl 3. green mm 4. major food groups 5. nerdgirl 6. amazing pics 7. jawbone vista 8. nerd-girl 9. five major food groups 10. gela […]

celebrating 10 years of nerdgirl

Just dawned on me that I have owned the domain for 10 years this year. Yes, it was registered way back in 1998. I am trying to find those earlier versions of the site for pure entertainment value. I was totally web 2.0 from web 1.0 with some dope ass graphics and some mean […]

deepak chopra on seesmic

Isn’t it great that you can have one of the world’s most popular spiritual advisors at your beck and call? I’m not even kidding. You can actually talk to Deepak Chopra directly on Seesmic. Go ahead, ask him questions, give him your thoughts. Gotta love the internet. Pierre Omidyar is also on Seesmic in case […]