another xmas miracle?

Seriously. I wasn’t kidding when I said that weird things were happening to me. Like things that involve customer service and me not getting pissed off. What kind of astrological miracle is happening these days that things are working for me? I’m scared. Really. I might cross the street and get hit by a car any day just to even out things.

This time the miracle of miracles happened with a defective product that I purchased. It was a mobile phone case for my Blackberry made by the company in Spain called Piel Frama.


The case is the most expensive case that I could find for my Cracker, but it is really beautifully done. I have even had remarks on how nice it is (but mostly jeers at what a dork I am to have a case on my phone). Yes, as far as my love of cases goes (I can’t get into this now) this was one of my favourite pieces.

So you can understand that I was visibly disturbed when I was at the airport on my way to New York and my case started falling apart. It seems that the little flap in between where the pearl scroller and the screen was just couldn’t take my frantic overuse and the adhesive had finally given way to a flappy piece of leather. I was so sad. I pretty much wrote off the case at this point as useless.

Upon my return home, after 2 weeks of frustration using the case with the sticky leather piece impeding my otherwise deft Blackberry typing, I decided to purchase another case. I began my search at the Piel Frama website and then it dawned on me to email them and tell them that the case was slightly defective. This is a point that I usually don’t think of in this disposable society. I typically throw things out rather than deal with fixing them or returning them. Wasteful I know, but that is the world we live in.

I emailed the company with photos of the defective case. Within minutes I had a response! From an actual person! Holy smokes. I told you I was living in some alternate universe. The email apologised for the defect and asked me for my address to send a new case to. What what? I was flabbergasted. They weren’t going to ask me to do an RMA and then figure out how to send the broken case back to Spain with some proof of purchase and other warranty information? Nope. They simply wanted my address and told me to toss the bad case.

Too good to be true?

I received my new case within 2 days time from Spain. And it is beautiful and happy, resting safely on my Blackberry.

And I wish the nice people at Piel Frama the best holiday season and will recommend their cases to everyone.