scuba certifiable

Just got home today after a few days away on holiday. Went out to NYC and the Cayman Islands to visit Gbemi and Biscuit. More on that later… What I wanted to talk about here is the super cool time I had scuba diving in the Caymans. I spent two days at Eden Rock Dive […]

another xmas miracle?

Seriously. I wasn’t kidding when I said that weird things were happening to me. Like things that involve customer service and me not getting pissed off. What kind of astrological miracle is happening these days that things are working for me? I’m scared. Really. I might cross the street and get hit by a car […]

to kindle or not

This weekend, in my sicky state, I spent a lot of time online getting ready for my holiday shopping. Yes, I do all of my shopping for the holidays online. I hate Christmas shopping season. You won’t catch me in any retail shop if I can do anything to help it. Anyways, while browsing Amazon […]