the 80s

And speaking of Cousin Geri – man, the 80s were a great place. They just felt the need to talk about everything and somehow it wasn’t off limits as it would be in today’s world.

Think about the movie Soul Man, for example. The tagline for this movie:

Mark needs a scholarship to get into Harvard. There’s one more available for a black student. The problem is Mark’s not black… Yet.

Soul Man is a comedy movie made in 1986 about a man who undergoes transracial transformation with pills to qualify for an affirmative action placement at Harvard Law School. They actually put Thomas C. Howell in black face makeup and somehow thought that was a good idea? I want to know how this was pitched and who approved that one.

That is what I’m saying. The 80s. What a place to be…

And now for my favourite clip from that movie: