odds are…

This has to be one of the more interesting usages of Google maps that I have seen in a while. An LA country homicide map. You can actually filter out the results and see where you are most likely to get killed, on which day and by what instrument. Thusfar in LA county this year […]

toy story theory

Saw this trailer this weekend when I went to ICA to watch A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies. Laughed my ass off. At the trailer, not the 4 hour Marty flick…

monday issues

These are my issues for this Monday… First off – it is fucking freezing ass cold here. I am sitting at my desk not being able to feel my feet. I just tried to eat a sandwich for lunch which consisted of about 90% mayo and 10% slimey chicken. I failed. I went on a […]

i (h) george michael

Why do I love everything this kid does? First Arrested Development, then Clark and Michael and now this Superbad. Michael Cera rocks. Is it bad to have a crush on someone that was born in 1988? I feel sort of pervy. I’m also digging on Clark Duke – the kid that plays the religious zealot […]