sugar h20

Everyone knows that they are supposed to drink something ridiculous like 82 liters of water a day, but who actually does this? Seriously. I sometimes nearly forget completely to drink anything during the day.

But at night this is a different story. I have have have to sleep with a 2 liter bottle of water in my bed. I wake up totally dehydrated and slam this stuff down. And if I don’t have my bottle I freak out a little bit. I hate tap water. Especially in London the tap water tastes like crap. But if I am forced to, under penalty of death by dehydration (or a hangover), I will drink it.

I have recently started buying this water called Volvic Touch of Fruit. It is meant to be mineral water with a touch of fruit taste in it. Sounds lovely and I quite like the taste.


Then I noticed something strange on the bottle (or Arlie pointed it out to me). And this is that it is not called mineral water. It is called mineral drink. Hmmm. All of a sudden I am reminded of Dave Chapelle’s stand up where he talks about the difference between juice and drink.

And sure enough. Take a look at the back of the bottle and note the fact that there is about 10,000 grams of sugar included in each bottle. So much for me to try to stop drinking sodas and end up with the healthy choice that is just as bad. Damn it!!!