who are you?

Watched Napoleon Dynamite again yesterday with Paul and Arlie. That is some funny shit – seriously. Brilliant. Then I took this quiz and I guess I am Napolean. I kind of thought I would end up as Kip. Damn it. Which are you?

sugar h20

Everyone knows that they are supposed to drink something ridiculous like 82 liters of water a day, but who actually does this? Seriously. I sometimes nearly forget completely to drink anything during the day. But at night this is a different story. I have have have to sleep with a 2 liter bottle of water […]

new layout – same old boring stuff

Since I’ve been sitting in the house all day doing not a hell of a lot of anything (except not having a hangover which is a miracle in itself), I decided it was time to revamp the nerdgirl layout. OK – it is nothing drastic and I’m sticking to the same theme colours and header […]