my space

where do i even begin to rant on this topic?

If you have ever had the pleasure of viewing a My Space profile then perhaps you have noticed that the entire online world seems to be filled with stupid, white trash teenagers that have absolutely zero grasp on the English language.

Honestly. These are supposed to be the future generation and this site is supposed to be cutting edge in terms of the “social networking” space, but I just don’t see it.

The pages have set web design back at least 8 years with flashing elements, overuse of large fonts, bad graphics and bold tags. Yes, I think that the blink tag has been brought back. In addition to the really bad graphical layout, they have also begun embedding sound files that play onload. This hurts my soul.

Couple this with the fact that all the pages are filled with comments from the dumbest people on the earth and you have a community filled to the brim with a bunch of unimaginative losers.

But, hey, it is always good to feel like part of the crew.

Here is an example of the fun friends you can make on My Space.

Justin – He is Cocked, Locked, and ready to ROCK!

My Space murder

Meet fun psycopaths!