My New Dashcam – Viofo A119S with GPS

I am a paranoid gadget geek so it makes sense that I would purchase a dashcam. I am also somewhat obsessed with watching Russian dashcam videos on Youtube (trust me, you will enjoy them). I did a lot of research on purchasing my first dashcam and with the help of reddit’s /r/dashcam and several decent […]

Nephews are the best

Visiting with the family for Mom’s 69th birthday. Hanging out my my nephews.

Castro Walking Tours

With many options to choose from, here’s a roundup of some of the walking tours available in the neighborhood. Source: Your Guide To Castro Walking Tours: Part I | Hoodline

My Health Update

It seems that for a bit I was starting to slip back into lupus activity. That has now be corrected. Thank goodness for CellCept!

Find the others

ZEN PENCILS – 102. TIMOTHY LEARY: You aren’t like them.

Namaste – Leaving Peru

Wow.  Just wow. I am on my last night in Peru and I am speechless.  I am heartbroken to depart the soil that has so captured my soul. Words can not even begin to express the multitude of emotions that I have been through in the past week and half.  Words can not even begin […]

After an overseas flight…

Just stepped of an overnight flight and I am done. This was the first time in a year that I have been able to navigate the treacherous waters of Heathrow Airport without the assistance of a wheelchair.  Funny how things like this make me proud of myself for the progress I’ve made in the last […]

My reddit Secret Santa gift has arrived

How awesome!  My reddit Secret Santa sent me a cookbook that I have been wanting and also a bbq grill cover.  Both were on my amazon wishlist.  He did say that I am hard to shop for.  This is actually very, very true but somehow he managed to get awesome stuff.  Thanks, @frederikolafsen!