I Ate Portland

I just came back from an awesome week in Oregon.  I went out there for the XOXOFest and ended up staying a few additional days so that I could head down to Cannon Beach to have a few days of solitude. Portland is such a great little town.  I am completely smitten by it.  Not […]

Conquering Machu Picchu

I did it!  I made it to Machu Picchu and back.  I can’t even begin to explain what a beautiful country Peru is.  It was mindblowing, heart-achingly beautiful.  And Machu Picchu was absolutely stunning. This trip meant so much to me.  I booked it on a whim in December and really didn’t have a huge […]

Namaste – Leaving Peru

Wow.  Just wow. I am on my last night in Peru and I am speechless.  I am heartbroken to depart the soil that has so captured my soul. Words can not even begin to express the multitude of emotions that I have been through in the past week and half.  Words can not even begin […]