Harmony Ultimate Home Remote Review

I recently threw in the towel and decided to upgrade my old Harmony 700 remote for the latest and greatest Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home remote.  I had been debating it for a month or so because at $350 it seemed rather pricey. I was drawn to switching it up for a few reasons.  1) My Harmony […]

Breathometer – saving myself from a holiday dui?

The Breathometer showed up the other day from an indigogo campaign (and I guess they were also on Sharktank with Mark Cuban, but I never watch that show so I didn’t see it).  I have a bad indigogo/Kickstarter habit so I didn’t even remember backing this one.  Or maybe ironically I was drunk when I ordered […]

World’s thinnest Physical Keyboard for iPhone – SmartKeyboard!

Worlds thinnest Physical Keyboard for iPhone - SmartKeyboard!

via youtube.com This actually looks pretty cool. It might actually make using an iPhone keyboard easy. As I have stated before, I don’t have an iPhone because I hate the keyboard. This might be the answer to my woes. I also love the magnetic hinge ala iPad cover.  Looks pretty slick.