Desperately Seeking Noma Tokyo Dinner Date

‘Desperately seeking’ is actually kind of a stretch (I’m not that desperate) and a play on that good old Madonna movie.  I never really bought into the Rosanna Arquette being Madonna thing, but that is another story…  I am actually here to talk about finding a date for my birthday dinner, so read on.   […]

Blue Apron review

There has been a recent influx of meal delivery services popping up on the webs. When I say meal delivery, I don’t mean the pre-cooked / ready meals like Sprig or Munchery (of which I should review as well), I am talking about services that deliver the ingredients for one to actually prep and cook […]

I Ate Portland

I just came back from an awesome week in Oregon.  I went out there for the XOXOFest and ended up staying a few additional days so that I could head down to Cannon Beach to have a few days of solitude. Portland is such a great little town.  I am completely smitten by it.  Not […]

Animal Restaurant – LA

Had a yummy dinner at Animal restaurant in LA last night and wanted to recap it here for my own memory’s sake. First off, Animal is full on carnivore heaven.  Snout to tail eating going on here with a very extensive menu that is not for the faint hearted.  Don’t worry, there are also some […]

New Paleo cookbook -Nom Nom Paleo

Just arrived after months of waiting for the pre-order. Nom Nom Paleo by Michelle Tam & Henry Fong. Can’t wait to dig in and see what amazing things are in store for my kitchen in 2014. Related articles Nom Nom Paleo 4 New Cookbooks For Your Favorite Paleo Cook – New Cookbook Review (and a […]