Don’t Declaw Your Cat

Honey Badger says to stop declawing cats. I have to agree.  When one declaws their cat it is the equivalent to cutting off one’s fingers down to the first knuckle.  Not nice at all.  I’d rather pay for a new sofa than cut off my baby’s fingers.  I find that keeping nails clipped does a […]

Roley Still Lives On!

Roley Still Lives On!

I don’t use a Windows machine anymore which means that I don’t get to see my beloved Roley cat anymore who lives hidden in the depths of Skype.  But I did find this video that shows that he was still alive and well as of November 2011.  Microsoft better not kill my cat.

Cat walking on keyboard indicator. A vintage Skype story.

You may, or may not, have ever been typing on Skype and seen your typing indicator (the writing pencil) turn into a grey kitty who sticks his paw out.  If you have ever noticed this, you might be totally confused about what it is and even more confusing is trying to replicate it. Here is […]