Can someone please explain Amber from Teen Mom?

We don't understand how it is possible that this horrible teen mother is always lying around her house every single episode in an unmade mattress that sits on the floor.  EVERY EPISODE.  We should make a Teen Mom drinking game that includes this and when Farrah is horrible to her mother.  We'd be drunk every […]

Another Housewife makes music…Michaele Salahi

Another Housewife makes music...Michaele Salahi

via Yes. This is as bad as you might think it would be. Oh Michaele. We really hated Housewives of DC which was undisputedly the worst of the franchise, but there was always something a little bit psychotic and entertaining about dear Michaele and her former cheerleading ways.

Arrested Development Legos

via If you love Arrested Development (or AD as we like to call it) as much as I do then you should really love this Lego remake of the set and characters. View the entire Flickr collection by Pepa Quin here: How Are You?

Big Beautiful Virtual Wendy

Big Beautiful Virtual Wendy

via We’re not even sure what to say is going on with this one. It does get a little racy when Virtual Wendy does the pon.


via ABC – Sept 25 @ 10|9C What do we think of Pan Am, the new television show that will be premiering on ABC in the fall lineup?