Tulsa Pride Parade

By June 2, 2019June 3rd, 2019La Vida
Tulsa Pride Parade

I was very excited and honored to be included in carrying the Pride flag with the Tulsa Young Professionals organization aka Typros. Mama Fujie, who has been with me for the week, got to carry the flag as well. At the age of 79! All 4 miles in the blistering heat with little Tastee Mae in her pride bandana through downtown Tulsa.

Some friends from SF made comments about Pride in Oklahoma as a joke. That made me sad. It is especially important in these parts of the States to represent and fight for our loved ones’ rights. This prejudice on the part of Californians to write off parts of the States that they consider backwards is exactly how we have gotten ourselves into the divided nation that we are.

We need dialogue and acceptance, not snobbery and close mindedness. The world is changing and some parts are just slower on the uptake, but how will they ever change unless people show them there is nothing to be afraid of and stop treating them like inbred losers?

There were protestors along the route with some biblical passages, but they were overwhelmingly drowned out by all the positivity and cheers from the throngs along the route. The thing that made me tear up were the people holding signs that said, “We’re sorry the Christian church has let you down. We love you and you are accepted”.

What an awesome day! I’m super grateful to my new home town for letting me join!

The times they are a changing and it’s not all terrible Trumplandia out there. Keep the faith, people. . .

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  • This is a wonderful sentiment! I especially appreciate the wisdom in addressing coastal prejudice about the flyover states. Granted, I live in a liberal bubble in an obama/trump state, but I think it’s important to remember that all kinds of people live in the vast middle of the country. Thanks!!

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