My parents found this little guy on the middle of the road where he was standing next to a dog who had been hit by a car. He wouldn’t leave the dead dog’s side. My dad had to move the dead dog and only then would this guy get out of the road to follow his lost companion. My parents brought him home and tried to call the number on his tags but the number was no longer in service. They called the vet on the tag, but the vet was unable to locate the owner. My mom washed his filthy fur and cut his bangs. My parents both refuse to take him to the SPCA for fear that he would be euthanized. They’ve posted on Facebook and craigslist, but have had no response. He’s a sweet little dog who follows my mom around and gets super excited when she walks in the door. Poor little guy. If you live in Fresno, please share his picture so we can try to find his home. #lostinfresno

By July 21, 2016Instagram

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