Nail crazed

After my lupus nail trauma I am happy to report that my nails are back in business.  I find it super relaxing to do my own nails plus it saves a ton of cash and time that I would spend having to get a manicure every week.  I have a pretty extensive selection of polishes and tools to accomplish my nail mission, but I have recently taken it to a new level of crazy by actually cataloguing the contents of my collection.

First off I swatched all the colors onto a nail fan that I bought on Amazon for a mere $2.44 w/ free shipping.  I find this helpful because with so many colors sitting in a drawer it is sometimes hard to choose what I want and also to know what the finish looks like on an actual nail.  This takes care of that.  All of the swatches have a label with the SKU of the polish on them for quickly locating them in the drawer.  They are also in order according to brand.

nail swatches

After that I made a Google Spreadsheet listing all of the different brands, colors, finishes and collections in case I run out of anything or to narrow down a color that I am interested in.

brazil nails

And finally I paint the nails.   Example above of my Brazil World Cup nails from last week.