Essie Sleek Sticks review

essie nail stickers

I have been spending silly amounts of money lately trying to get my nails to look decent again after all the health trauma.  I was doing Japanese Calgel nails which allow your nails to continue breathing, but added some thickness.  I had to stop doing these because even though they do allow your nails to breathe each application requires you to remove them with acetone and do a little filing over the top layer of your nails.  This basically amounted to my nails continuing to be thin and peeling.

I have been taking loads of niacin tablets to help with my nail growth and they are slowly getting better from the cracked state they were in.  But in the meantime, I was looking for a solution to make them look cute as well.  In comes Essie Sleek Stick.  I found them at Walgreens and was a bit skeptical.  It appears that there are tons of these things on the market these days, but I just kept thinking back to the old days of press-on nails which were awful.  I decided to try them out even with the stigma of press-ons looming over my head.  And I’m glad I did.  They were super easy to put on and file down.  I actually ended up cutting them with a cuticle cutter and then filing them and flattening them down with the plastic stick that the package came with.  They fit my nailbeds pretty accurately and the design is really cute.  Thusfar I’ve had them on for two days with typing, dishwashing and showering and they seem pretty sturdy.  They appear to be made out of vinyl.  After you are done with them, you just peel them off.  I am hoping that doesn’t take a layer of nail off, but I think it won’t.

51HPQejwQcLOverall this is a really cool way to get a cute manicure without muss and fuss.  They are a little pricey at $10, but will be worth it if they last me at least two weeks.