Goat = It’s what’s for dinner

I once had a pet goat.  We called him Goatie.  Goatie lived in our yard and ate mulberry leaves.  One day I asked my father where Goatie went.  He replied, “Goatie is goatburgers now”. Tonight I will pay tribute to Goatie by eating his kin.  Yummy yummy goatie. Related articles Baby goats rescued after escaping […]

A week in the life

Oscar and Zoe had a very busy week. They got a butterfly in a jar which was a huge addition to the household that kept them spellbound for about 10 minutes. Oscar had his weekly bath and hated it just as much as ever.  Zoe somehow managed to get out of bathtime as usual. Since […]

What kind of tree is this?

Big questions happening around here on a calm weekend. What type of tree do you think this is? My guess, ala the internet, is that of a silver maple tree. But I’m wondering if anyone else has an educated guess. It is funny how one can be so smart about so many things and then […]