Cocktails 101

Cocktail Strainer with Glass

The other evening I had the pleasure to attend a Cocktails 101 mixology (did I just say that?) class at Bourbon and Branch’s Beverage Academy.  I have to say that I haven’t enjoyed cocktails on that scale in a looooong time due to medications and fear of hangovers.  The class description was:

In this ‘hands on’ class I will cover all the basics of the five major spirits (vodka, gin tequila, rum, & bourbon.) We will make a variety of drinks from ‘long drinks’ to ‘hi-balls’ I will show you how to make several cocktails from the ‘classics’ to a few of my own. Do you know the difference between a hawthorn strainer and a julep strainer? In this class we cover in detail all the tools of the trade, and how to use them properly. I cover all the basics to set-up your own bar at home. From spirits to mixers, bitters, syrups and fruit, everything you need to entertain at home including cocktail recipes for two to twenty.

Now I don’t think that we actually covered all of these topics, but we definitely did have a daquiri and made a sazerac and old fashioned.  Beyond that, I can’t really remember so well.  Oopsy!  All in all the class was a great time and I recommend it if you are willing to shell out the $95 per person for it.  My only advice is to eat before you go (which they do mention numerous times, but we failed to do) and don’t have a pre-drink in the library while you are waiting.

It appears that Beverage Academy offers other classes that deal more with individual spirits.  Not sure my poor little body can take too many of those classes so I’ll hold off for another year.

Go forth and drink.  Or come by my house and I’ll whip up a wicked old fashioned!