House of Prime Rib

Man o Manischewitz.  We had a great dinner at the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco last night.  It truly satisfied all of my carnivore desires in one go.  Juicy juice prime rib.  Yum.

I love that the menu at House of Prime Rib is super simple.  You basically have your choice of a few different cuts.  Then the side dishes are a chosen between baked potato or mashed and creamed spinach or corn.  Easy peasy.

The service is super old school.  You get a chilled fork for your salad that is tossed at your table.  Then the man comes around with the meat cart and cuts your prime rib and spoons on your sides.  Delicious.

I also had a Cosmopolitan drink which was huge.  No way I could finish that sucker without being totally drunk.

There are 4 different kinds of horseradish.   I opted for the hardcore real one which made my brain burn.

All in all I totally recommend House of Prime Rib for a night out on the town.