Has Mad Men lost its edge?

I was excited to watch the 2 hour Mad Men season premier last night. So excited that we had a group of equally excited folks over to have a viewing party…

And did it live up to expectations?

I would have to give that a resounding NOPE.

It was the same Mad Men style. The same Mad Men characters. Doing the same Mad Men things but in a slightly more modern, start of the 60s world. Now that Don is once again tied down to the evil secretary turned copywriter Megan he is a tad big boring and lifeless. Speaking of Megan. Um, where do we begin. Her character is horrible. Boring old whiney Megan and her rat-faced French singing. Sigh. Pete was up to his same old pompus actions. Joanie and her giant tits graced us with their presence, but even that failed to get anyone excited. Basically it was like a 2 hour borefest with no plot. Literally the most exciting thing was the giant baby butt shot with testicles. Not sure why someone thought that would make a good scene opener…

And we miss Betty Draper. That vampish cigarette smoker, child slapping bitch.

I’m not sure if the plot for Mad Men can be saved. There is only so much intrigue that a show can have about advertising and it seems that it may have run its course already.