I love my Warby Parkers

For some reason my vision has gotten really blurry in the past month or so.  I’m not entirely convinced that it is my lasik faltering because it has happened quite literally overnight.  And there are points when I can see perfectly fine – like after drinking a glass of vino.  I believe that there is something wacky happening with my medications, but as of yet, no doctor (out of the million of them that I see) can figure it out.  This is totally annoying and bizarre.

In the meanwhile, I went to the optometrist who tested my vision and gave me a prescription for glasses.  It isn’t that severe, something along the lines of -.75 nearsightedness.  I figured that it would be good to fill the prescription because a) I was about to kill people on the road b) it was giving me a massive headache not being able to see.

The one plus to this entire situation is that I got a chance to order some Warby Parker glasses.  I was excited for that because I really love their designs and their business.  Previously I was laughed at for wearing my “fake” glasses and figured that now at least I have a good excuse.

I’ve been a fan of Warby Park for some time now.  I randomly met one of their founders in NYC at a party and that was the first time I had heard of them.  Since that time, it seems that they have really taken off.

What do I love about them?

They have a great aesthetic.  Very simple, clean and modern frames.  No muss, no fuss.  Plus they make it super simple to order your glasses online.  And the best part is that they are SUPER affordable at $95.  And, guess what?  They are even charitable as well, donating a pair of glasses for every one purchased.

You basically can’t go wrong.

As a sidenote, I went to a 1 hour place to get a pair of glasses while I waited for the Warby Parkers to arrive.  It ended up costing me $330 to get them made.  So think of the cost savings in using a regular storefront.  Suck.

Worried about buying your glasses online?  What if they don’t fit?

You can use their virtual try on service or you can even try 5 pairs of frames on that they ship to your house for free for 5 days (with a return label).  Couldn’t be simpler.

I ordered mine and it took about 4 days to receive them.  And I love them.

My favorite frames?



These are the frames that I purchased, but in a tortoise shell.  I don’t think I’m quite bold enough to do the blue although I do like it.

Jules Sunglasses

The Jules sunglasses are really cute and part of the latest spring lineup.


OK, this is not a favorite, but I thought I’d share it anyways.  They also have a monacle for $50.  I think I might be weirded out if anyone busted this out, but I suppose they sell otherwise why have it?

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