Mechatars – blended reality robot

This was a fun gadget to receive from the iloverobots folks. It is a Mechatar. A robot that connects to the computer that can engage in both online and offline battles. All in all it is a pretty simple robot. I would say that the average age of kid that would enjoy this robot would be between 5-10 (oh, and myself at 35).

The robot itself is pretty simple. It comes with a wireless remote that has battle buttons and buttons to move it around. You push the Go button to make it move forward and the turn button allows it to rotate out of tricky positions by moving in one direction. Presumably you can battle with other Mechatars if they were nearby. I really wish I had one to try this out. When you are done with your battle, you can upload battle data to the website also play against other opponents online. The gameplay is pretty simple stuff and perfect for a child. You choose an attack and sit back and watch it happen. It is a Pokemon-like experience.

I’m sure that kids will love playing with this since even I had fun making him run around the room. I would definitely recommend getting two of these because having one is a little bit lonely.  Who are you going to battle with?!?

You can buy your own Mechatars (retail value $39.99) and accessories by visiting and using coupon code MECHMOM to receive 10% off your purchase. The code is valid until 11/30/2011.

Or you can win a Mechatars by doing one (or all) of the following:

  • Go to the Mechatars website and click Play Now (you’ll have to register) – leave a comment here about which Mechatar you would like
  • Like Mechatars on Facebook(write a comment for them)
  • Follow @Mechatars on twitter and tweet at them using the hashtags #CleverRobot #spon

Disclosure:I was selected to participate in this sponsored post series by Clever Girls Collective