Yoyo.com launches toys toys toys!

Wow. The fine folks at Quidsi have done it again. Quidsi is the parent company for my beloved Soap.com, Diapers.com, BeautyBar.com and Wag.com…geez.  And now they have launched Yoyo.com.  Yoyo is a toy store that features about 20,000 products – compared to Toyrus’ 10,000.  Everyone knows that the reason I love Soap.com so much is their super fast and free shipping and all of the Quidsi sites clearly share logistics because the same 2 day rule applies to Yoyo.   It makes tons of sense that Amazon bought Quidsi and they got a bargain for $300m if you look at all the sites they are launching.  Pretty exciting stuff.

Yoyo looks like it has a pretty awesome selection across the board.  I especially love the child age / gender selector to pick toys.  I would like to point out that we launched the personalized child selector on Grows Up that was similar.  Great minds think alike?

Yoyo will certainly make it much easier for Moms and Aunties when shopping during the Holiday season!

I do wish that Quidsi would launch an Amazon Prime program across their sites.  And that they would beef up their reviews.

I have embedded an offer here if you want to try out the freshly launched Yoyo.com.  Free shipping when you reach $25. Not too bad.

use code SRXB7932

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