Beware of the onesies!


Odd factoid of the day for all of you Moms out there.  Did you know that Gerber – as in the children’s brand – owns the trademarks on both “Onesie” & “Onesies”?  This effectively means that when you are referring to a product as a onesie you would be referring to a Gerber branded one.  Think of it in the way that we refer to cotton swabs as Qtips even when they are some generic brand.  Gerber has gone so far as to sue other children’s clothing manufacturer over the use of the term.

So then what do you call them (if you were making a product with them)?

You can pretty safely call them infant bodysuits, creepers, diaper shirts, one-pieces or snapsuits.

In the UK they are also called babygrows – but that is another trademarked name.

More on infant bodysuit lawsuits here:

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