Internet Explorer still wins in the “Mom” space


I have long said that at Grows Up our target market is the “Mom” space.  Our typical demographic is a 25-40 year old, married mother of 1-2 young children.  They are geographically spread throughout the United States.   And this rings true from all of our stats.  Our audience is 98% females that fall into that particular grouping.

It is sometimes difficult when you work in the Silicon Valley bubble to think about the “rest of the world” and what/how real people function and use products.  We are the technologically elite, early adopter geeks who create technology and trends.  We are not the (I cringe to use this term) Soccer Moms of the world who simply want to get their stuff done online in their limited time and don’t have the time or interest to download the latest, fastest browsers or tweet the day away.

This is something that I try to remember on a day to day basis with Grows Up.  We are a hell of a lot less Techcrunch and a hell of a lot more  Less Silicon Valley and a lot more Minnesota.  And that is a nice thing.   It is nice to feel like we are connecting with an audience outside of this bubble that we live in.  It is nice to feel like we are connecting to real people.

I was reminded once again today of the “realness” of the people that we are connecting with by our audience browser stats.  With our Moms, Internet Explorer still rules the roost hailing in at 31.60% and Firefox a very very close 2nd at 30.61%.  Safari is making a gaining for sure and I am seriously impressed that Chrome has been steadily climbing in such a short period of time.  If you think about how long it has taken for Firefox to gain that foothold (10 years) this is nothing short of a miracle.  But at the end of the day, our Moms still prefer good old IE.  And that makes us happy.  Because it proves that our audience are exactly the type of people we had envisioned them to be when we created this company.  A lot less nerd and a lot more Mom!