My $320million Harddrive

This is a pretty interesting study.  The cost of harddrive storage space over the years.  It started out in the megabytes and expanded into gigabytes.

I remember the old days of 8″ floppies that held 79.7kb.  Then moving up to those 5¼-inch floppies on the Apple.  And when things got really technically superior the 3-inch floppy.


I also remember having a 500mb harddrive and upgrading to a 1.2gig (for about $600) and actually saying to someone, “There is no way I could ever use all that space. It is just SOOOO huge!”.  Now I have a 32gig microSD card.  Wow how times change.

1956 – 5MB = $10,000 per MB

That microSD card in 1956 would cost:
1 gig = 1024mb
32gig = 32,768mb
32,768mb x $10,000 = $327,680,000


The current price of a gig hovers around 8.21¢

Here is an entire list of prices: